Teaching at Krabbesholm Art School – Workshop Hygge, embody the unpredictable.

Workshop Hygge, 2006. Teaching at Krabbesholm art school.
Jeremy Walton, Ditte Hammerstrøm and Claus Bjerre.

Over four days the students took part in a number of projects in groups and individually. The results of which came together as one event, a Hygge Aften which took place on the fourth evening with an open invitation to the rest of the school.
The focus was on the students not to ask for appraisal for their individual efforts but to give themselves to the project, to observe the overall picture, allow one thing to lead to another and embody the unpredictable. The result, as well as being Hyggeligt was unique and original.

Guest Teachers: Claus Bjerre, Ditte Hammerstrøm and Jeremy Walton (Hygge and Hyggeligt is Danish for – a special kind of cosy togetherness)