Teaching at Krabbesholm Art School – The Value of Creativity, design as knowledge.

Five day workshop at Krabbesholm art school, based on the DesignYouMake principals. 2007

Workshop based on the DesignYouMake principals, introducing the students to the ideas and possibilities of design as knowledge.´The theme for the workshop will be to design a piece of furniture, where the focus is on the value of creativity.


Notes from workshop.

We shall consider separately:

  • The designer’s intellectual creativity, (designers value)
  • The actual object (objects value)
  • The creative act of making this object. (value to the people)

Involved in this will be exploration of materials, techniques, development through models and full size testing. Many of the typical challenges and considerations involved in designing for manufacture will be faced, but with a twist. The objects wont be created by manufacturers.

It will be far from concept-based design, but a very down to earth real scenario. Resulting in design intellect that can be distributed direct to people in digital form.

Brief. Find new ways to appreciate materials and craftsmanship that may be seen as inferior to that currently used in the furniture industry. Be open to the value of objects and pass this enthusiasm on to the customers. Express your appreciation through the object and others will see and understand it and then appreciate the value of it.

Design a piece of furniture that can be distributed in digital form.
The customer will make the furniture based on the design knowledge, as a design download.

Design is knowledge.

Do-it-yourself, homemade furniture has existed in different ways for some time and has come in and out of prominence and been presented in different forms of media.

  • Web based instructions.
  • TV programs about decorating, give visual suggestions of how to make furniture at home.
  • Design manuals or books about how to make your own furniture. Nomadic furniture / by James Hennessey and Victor Papanek with many easy-to-follow diagrams, photographs and drawings by the authors.
  • Magazines, tips and scale templates.
  • Grandfathers shed.
  • Passed on traditions.

Can furniture designers be freed of the actual physical object? Can the image of Do-it-yourself / Homemade furniture be improved, modernised, refreshed and made a desirable option?

Where is the value?

  • Physical object?
  • Digital download?

Comparison – The music industry, physical compact discs, download.
How has people’s respect of copyright changed within the music industry in relation to owning a cd or owning the artist work digitally.

You are doing the solution and creative thinking for your customer.

  • What can you give to them?
  • Why will they download your design?
  • Do they need your design or can they work it out themselves just from copying the presented visual image?
  • Is making something at home attractive if it is easy to do?

Craftsmanship is a state of mind.

Design to the abilities of the person making it, what level of skill is needed.
Skill level?

Who is your customer?
Regional, is it aimed at people anywhere in the world or only in Denmark.

Be open to appreciating materials in different ways. New, waste.
Think about suitable materials that can easily be obtained from hobby shops or hardware stores.
Can these materials be universally found in relation to whom you are aiming at?

What tools can you expect people to have and be able to use.
Do you decide before hand what tools your customer will have available?
Or do you allow your result to determine what tools the customer will need.
Tool level?

Designing something to be made by a laser cutter is no different to designing something to be made with a cutting knife.
Can you use the A4 printer as a production technology? Does it print instructions or templates or elements of the final object?
Can the printouts be used as tools to ease the making process?
Are there other technologies that can be used by the customer to enable them to create the object? What is accessible in the high street or in the yellow pages? F. Ex. Engraving, laser cutting…


Adding value to object.
Manufacturers promote how much pride they take in making the object and customers value this. Can the act of making the object be passed over to the customer and give the customer this pride in making the object.
It is not about saving money, it is not a cheap alternative. Having time is not easy. Time is more precious than money. A time valued society.

Facilities. Consider the sort of space restrictions your customer might face.
Transport. Your customer has to obtain the materials and transport them.

Work of the students from Krabbesholm Art school.

MATERIALS: Wood, screws and glue.
TOOLS: Screwdriver, gluegun, hand saw. SKILL LEVEL: Amature.

TIMEGLASS by Emilie Zilstorff & Nina Grex.
DISCRIPTION: Table, Lamp, Storrage and Chair.
MATERIALS: Wood, screws, glue, paint, plexiglass.
TOOL: Glue gun, drill, hand saw, sandpaper, clamps.SKILL LEVEL: Medium, four hands.

EARRING HANGER by Claudia Anhalzer.
DISCRIPTION: Small wooden stand to hold earrings.
MATERIALS: Wood and string
TOOLS: Drill, 3mm and 22mm drill bits, sand paper.

DISCRIPTION: Coatstand that follows the princip of a tipi, and easy made.
MATERIALS: Wood Profile list, string.
TOOLS: saw
SKILL LEVEL: Super rookie

THE FURNITURE by Troels and Benjamin.
DISCRIPTION: The ultimate furniture for storing of your shoes and other everyday stuff is the. The Furniture is easily collectet and will surdently spice up every home.
MATERIALS: Finner, wood, glue, paint.
TOOLS: Powered saw, wood clamps.
SKILL LEVEL: World class, Ole & Jan level.

DISCRIPTION: It is a simple pencil box that is made from a sheet of A4 paper and it is made in a way that anybody can make it in the office in less than 5 minutes. Making it involves printing, folding and a bit of cutting. You can also customise it by putting another picture on the front side.
TOOLS: printer, sissors
SKILL LEVEL: less than rookie

WALL SHELF BY Sandeep Pariyar.
Discription:  A unique way  to display  decorative  items  without   cluttering  up  surface areas  this wall shelf can  be  constructed  at  your  home  easily with  minimum  budget and  tools with the help of  knowledge download provided , this shelf  gives  any room  the flare  of geometric  design  while   displaying  ornaments  , photographs  , cds and many more.
Materials: hard  board (10 pieces , same  size )
Tools: screw driver,screws ,
Skill Level:minimum level