2019 Critical design for start ups

Teaching module that uses critical design and design intervention for start up companies to question the ethics, value proposition and essence of a business idea. Often involving business ideas meant for apps to be explored in essence through physical artifacts, causing the students to both question social responsibilities in what the service they propose actually does, as well as questioning if they themselves really wish to devote the next few years of their life to the core value proposition that the business is offering. After applying various critical design methods such as useless design, diegetic prototypes or provotypes, the students used the artifacts in design interventions followed up by interviews.

Examples are: A neck scarf with bells on, activated by an elastic manual pull handle, based on an app that would help people get out of awkward conversations. An alcoholic drinks device that makes drinking easily attainable, on demand and socially controlled, basically available 24 hours a day within minutes, when one person wants to drink, you all drink.

Partners: Kea Copenhagens school of design and technology, Living Design specialization of BA Design & Business.

Teachers: Jeremy Walton.