A Making & A Do – A definition in progress. ‘A Do’ gets done with the help of some friends and warm hospitality. By invitation and customary rotation.

A definition in progress by Jeremy Walton. 2009

A definition of ‘A Do’.

To invite some friends around and lay on some sort of appropriate hospitality, such as brunch, lunch or dinner, suitable to the time of day and worthy of the task in hand. Besides everyone lending a helping hand with food preparation, everyone collaborates in a spot of Do-It-Yourself.

That is to say, you invite some friends around to help you get that long standing job finally to be A DONE. ‘A Do’ gets done with the help of some friends and warm hospitality. By invitation and customary rotation. Note: ‘A Do’ is not to be confused with a ‘workday’ event, such as the type arranged by schools and similar institutions with the aim to complete a long list of varied unconnected jobs and maintenance that has stood neglected and ignored by the local council.

‘A Do’ is not to try and do too much. It is more about getting a little something DONE. Once and for all. All for one, sharing the work load together with friends. Aim to accomplish one single job together, completely together on it. Doing is so much better if done together. Even if it means one person is just holding the nails and offering casual conversation.

A short definition of ‘A Do’.

Turning a long standing Do-It-Yourself job into a social event, celebrating the accomplishment of getting it done.

A definition of ‘A Making’.

‘A Making’ is marginally different to ‘A Do’ (see ‘A Do’). It is an action that can often be more satisfactory than the result. A making is the coming together of people to partake in the activity of making without the necessity of it being a necessity. It is a creative social togetherness without the pressure to finalise a necessitated result.

Am I alone in this? That won’t make for much of ‘A Do’.


“One advantage of ‘A Do’, is being able to invite yourself around other people’s homes for dinner, by suggesting they have the perfect ‘A Do’ to be done” Jeremy LeifOleReily Walton.

Video by Keith Fletcher of people in Kazakhstan Building a Yurt, .