Bagatelle – a decorative little nothing.

Exploring the use of Malte Gormsen’s robotic arm milling machine. What is it? It’s a fully analogue offline pinball table, complete with high scores, low scores, lost ball, return ball, risky ball, tinkling sounds and haptic solid woodiness. Along with some mental activity adding the scores up. Using the robotic arm, I’ve taken a normally …


Shelving Beams – sculptural elements that play with the charm of architectural elements normally found in old buildings, while having a functional use and utilising overhead space.

Design by Jeremy Walton, 2008. Developed together with København Møbelsnedkeri. Designed as part of the Global Made Local project and exhibited at SE Fifty fifty. From the larger area of the room the beams look to be rough beams, while on the inner sides the beams are open shelving, suitable for books and what you might keep on …


Hurrah and one for luck – A picnic bench for family, friends and colleagues to raise the flag.

Design by Jeremy Walton 2006

Designed and made for SE 2006 ‘Vennelyst’, Frederiksberg Gardens and The Palaces and Properties agency.
‘Inspired by an appreciation of real Danish life, the humour and personality of the people in Denmark. The ‘Hygge’ in birthdays, family gatherings and raising the flag. The dinner speeches and flag waving. The shorts and the long one at the end.’