SE 2006 Vennelyst Exhibition at Frederiksberg Gardens Copenhagen. Exhibition Theme is public gardens and park life.

SE 2006 Vennelyst, Frederiksberg Gardens and The Palaces and Properties agency.

For the past 25 years, the SE exhibitions have been staged in sober, well-lit exhibition spaces with proper podiums. (Not entirely true, Check out SE ReMix) This year, we step outside. Outside the museum space and into a public park that radiates history, beauty and life.

Includes Hurrah and One for luck.

This year’s exhibition focuses on the bold and the welcoming. We set formalities aside for awhile and throw ourselves headlong into a popular public space.

SE is a collaboration between 64 furniture manufacturers and architects. SE´s aim is to develop and annually exhibit new and experimental pieces of furniture containing high quality craftsmanship and artistic value. The collaboration functions as a laboratory for new thought within design of furniture for the future and the development of concepts.

Danish Crown Prince opens the exhibition.