SE 2007 Exhibition at FFKD Copenhagen. Exhibition Theme is Autumn Furniture for when you are old

The Cabinetmakers´ Autumn Exhibition 2007  ‘Furniture for when you are old’

I shall be exhibiting ‘Water Drop’ as well as ‘Dance Floor for the Homed’

When are you old? When does old age begin? Are you ever old yourself, or is it only something that happens to other people? Is old age good or bad?

Furniture designers are often accused of designing for a fictitious user group in the middle of their lives with spacious homes, good health, a keen sense of aesthetics and quality and a substantial disposable income. This year, the Cabinetmakers´ Autumn exhibition has chosen to focus on a different target group, one that is often neglected the third age, the golden years or, in plain English: old people. The challenge was: Abandon the institution look and aim for a personal feel. Design a piece of furniture – or more – for yourself, for your own old age. No old ideas pulled out of the drawer. Give us something new and exciting. Other than that: No limitations. Age is no obstacle. All points of view are welcome.

Graphic: Rasmus Koch Studio b/Rasmus Koch
Exhibition layout: Rasmus Koch Studio b/Alexander Häggström