SE 2008 Exhibition at Rundetaarn Copenhagen. Exhibition Theme is Fifty-Fifty, part designer part producer

The Cabinetmaker’s Autumn Exhibition 2008.

Opening on 21 November 2008 at 17:00. All welcome. Exhibition runs from the 22nd November 2008 to the 4th January 2009 at Rundetaarn, Copenhagen.

I shall be exhibiting the GlobalMadelocal project, a result of the Fifty Fifty partnership between PP Møbler, København MøbelSnedkeri and Jeremy Walton for the forthcoming SE exhibition Fifty Fifty.

Video from SE Fifty Fifty exhibition by Features the exhibition opening at Rundetårn, Copenhagen.

Text From SE: FIFTY FIFTY a complete idea Equal parts designer and manufacturer. Equal parts design and know-how. Equal parts tradition and renewal. Equal parts responsibility and distribution of tasks. FIFTY FIFTY makes one complete and original idea.When SE, the Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition presents its new concept FIFTY FIFTY at Rundetaarn on 21 November 2008 at 17:00, we are striking a new note in an otherwise classic ensemble. Familiar designers and manufacturers have been challenged through new constellations, created by a random draw. “The idea behind FIFTY FIFTY is to return to SE’s original concept, where the responsibility is shared equally by designer and manufacturer,”says the association’s vice president, Klaus Brügmann. “We aim to focus more on the process and to let the outcome speak for itself. The collaboration is scheduled to last six months to enable an extensive work process and the achievement of synergy through the combination of the designer’s creative universe and the manufacturer’s understanding and know-how concerning commercial conditions and materials.”This year, SE presents 33 innovative pieces of furniture in wood, steel, rubber and wickerwork, all conceived, developed and expressed through new constellations of designers and manufactures. You can look forward to a real treat!SE, The Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition was first launched in 1981. It is an association of currently 68 furniture manufactures, architects and designers, who use The Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition as a laboratory for innovative furniture.This year’s exhibition features 31 designers and 25 manufacturers. 5 of the manufacturers present more than one project each and 2 of the designers present 2 projects each. 33 new pieces of furniture are shown on Fifty/Fifty.

Photographer: Jeppe Gudmundsen Holmgren.
Graphic design: trefold.
Exhibition architects: Ben Clement and Sebastian de la Cour.
Translation: Dorte Herholdt Silver