Project LOG

A Project LOG by Jeremy Walton.

The project involves swinging an axe, cleaving and using only hand operated green wood working tools, on site where the tree has been cut down.

I treat the cleaving process as a pastime. A relaxing and meditative activity. I do it in urban settings to bring the act of making closer to our everyday lives, to make axe sounds in the city and to give joggers an excuse to stop jogging.

The wood from the felled tree is worked on at the site, after which the surface finish is done in laboratory like conditions back in the studio. It becomes an explorative quest for quality. A process of learning and perfecting surface finishing techniques on different wood sorts. Trying traditional techniques mixed with the joy of amateur naivety. This learning process is aptly recorded and numbered in a ‘LOG’.

The further objective of the Log projects is to establish space for green wood working activities in city parks. So anyone can feel welcome to swing an axe occasionally. Jogging is not for everyone, Or so I’m told by every-other jogger that sees me as an excuse to stop. They say they’d rather be swinging an axe. I’m working on convincing Copenhagen parks to accommodate this and make some logs available as when possible.

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