LOG 14 . 06

LOG by Jeremy Walton 2014

14 . 06

  • Date: June 2014
  • Place: Fælledparken Copenhagen
  • Tree: Oak
  • Surface: Burnt, ebonised and then waxed. Based on Yakisugi-ita technique.


  • Offline Messenger x 11
  • Door wedge x 4
  • Lamp Plank x 2
  • Luxury Log x 2

Offline Messenger x 11

The Offline Messenger is a log of wood for leaving rolled up paper notes in. Notes to oneself or to others. It is a very physical ideological artefact, reminding one to logoff once in a while and to be more physically present. Scrolled notes can be inserted into the three holes representing letters of thought, love and desire (I think – I love – Us together). It’s a well-worked and loved piece of wooden log. And I proclaim to be Copenhagen’s finest maker of Logs.


photo credit: Jeppe Gudmundsen

The Offline Messengers have been selected to be part of Danish Crafts collection18. To be launched at Paris ‘Maison&Objet‘ September 2014.

About Project LOG.

The first stage of the process is finding out when a tree in the city has been felled. I then turn up and use green wood working techniques and hand tools to cleave the tree into the small logs. The cleaving and drilling of holes is done on site and in public, all by hand power. I treat this stage like a pastime, an activity in the park, creating alien sounds of an axe and giving joggers an excuse to stop. The second stage of the process is learning and mastering a process, where each new wood type is explored in the studio. Exploring different ways to create a surface finish. These are most often based on traditional techniques mixed with a try-it-yourself spirit. It becomes a quest for a quality finish. See more on ‘doing’ Project LOG. Or all posts tagged LOG.

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