Vintage Candle – A new candle edition to the collection. This one comes with hand picked original vintage matchbox labels.

Design by Jeremy Walton, 2005. Candle Collection.

The Vintage Candle includes a matchbox that is placed with the printed side visible and uses original vintage and all very different matchbox labels. Adding to the HyggeLys ‘candle with matchbox’ and Colour Match candles.

“The labels themselves are brought from matchbox collectors, I only buy the ones that are of very little value to the collectors. I don’t want to upset the people that collect matchbox labels. I don’t wish to break up a rare set of labels by sending them to opposite sides of the world. Yet that could ignite an old challenge for the collectors.”


‘Motor og Miss collection’

For Designer Zoo ‘For Men’ exhibition in 2006 in Copenhagen. Motor translates as motors and Miss translates as pussy, from danish.


Fishing boats

Set of four sold at Lauritz auction 2006 in conjunction with Lauritz Passion day exhibition.


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Scenes from Germany

Exhibited: Lauritz auction 2006 in conjunction with Lauritz Passion day exhibition.

Availability: Limited, occasionally made to order or for special events, I’m currently focusing on other ventures, but you are welcome to get in contact for updates.