HyggeLys candle with matchbox – The use of candles is an essential ingredient for what in Danish is called ‘Hyggeligt’ = cosy togetherness perfected by Scandinavians.

Design by Jeremy Walton, 2002. Candle collection.

Hand made with fully refined paraffin
Dimensions: 57mm x 57mm x 155mm

Jeremy Walton has been inspired by matchboxes since moving to Denmark. “The use of candles is an essential ingredient for what in Danish is called ‘Hyggeligt’ – cosy togetherness perfected by Scandinavians. The regular burning of candles results in a noticeable amount of matchboxes in peoples homes”

An original idea using two commonly found objects, a pillar candle and a household matchbox. The two items that have been in our daily lives for many years. The combination of the two fit both perfectly in function while also effortlessly in form. This combination creates a simple and instantly understandable object.
The Hygge-lys candle was originally made using standard hobby shop candle moulds and with a bit of luck the size of a standard matchbox fitted perfectly into the mould.

After selection by the designer Louise Campbell for the Danish Crafts ‘Defore Exhibition’ the production of the candle was moved from Jeremys Kitchen to a local candle maker. In 2004 the Candle was selected to represent Danish Crafts in the Crafts Collection and subsequently selected as part of CC+ for MoMA.

The production of the candles has been upgraded slightly with use of specially made forms.

The candles are still hand made in Denmark on the east cost of Jutland by one of the best candle makers in Denmark. The candles have gained recognition across many countries since being a part of the MoMA retail collection and included in their widely distributed catalogue.  This has all contributed in development of the candle collections international recognition.

“This is cool – This IS cool”

Dec. 6: Elizabeth Mayhew from Real Simple magazine shows NBC “Today” show host Katie Couric some great gifts under $50 for everyone in your life.
Here’s a gift they haven’t seen before … a paraffin candle with a built-in matchbox. It’s functional, minimalist design keeps matches within easy reach and is sure to please modernists and traditionalists alike. Don’t worry — the wick runs out before it reaches the matches, so you won’t burn the house down.

If you don’t care for the way their Christmas studio looks, you can fast forward to 1 minute 20 seconds. That is real simple. Check out the video link.

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Availability: Limited, I’m currently focusing on other ventures, but you are welcome to get in contact for updates. my current plan with the HyygeLys candle is, at some point, to relaunch it with better backaging and replace the matchsticks in the matchbox with a mini book about matches (due to transport complications with the matchsticks)