Virgin Trapeze Shades – Made as part of the Silent Circus project in SoupaNatural’s circus tent in the Climate Community field of the Roskilde Festival. Handmade by Jeremy Walton

Lampshades handmade by Jeremy Walton June 2009. Roskilde Festival
The lampshades are made of folded panels joined together with virgin clips. A single metal ring sets the shade into its circular form.

Unlike my standard Panel Shades these ‘Virgin Trapese Shades’ use salvaged lampshade frames for the metal ring and the rest of the old lampshade frame remains hanging down within the new lampshade.

I made these in SoupaNaturals circus tent at the 2009 Roskilde Festival. The shades were made on site with a knife and hole-punch (A Silent Circus). Other than the salvaged shade frames they are made of selected waste paper from a local printer, plus some Polyester ‘Faber’ strips from panel curtains.

The ‘Panel Shades’ take a little while to plan out and make, but I am enjoying the ability the Silent Circus thinking enables to make such individual pieces, so get in touch if you want to commission one or two.