Allerød Slant chair – A solid wood chair, designed for single unit production, no start up tooling.

Design by Jeremy Walton, 2008. Developed together with PP Møbler

Designed as part of the Global Made Local  project and exhibited at SE Fifty Fifty.

The Allerød Slant stacking chair is a solid wood chair, designed for single unit production. Developed for the GlobalMadeLocal project. All the angles for a stacking chair that can be made by local cabinetmakers, on a commission.

The construction of the chair centers around the seat frame which creates all the necessary angles for the legs and back rest. The frame of the chair in itself, becomes a jig for forming the back rest into a hammock type curve, allowing for ease of single unit production.


Dimensions: W43 x D44 x H90 cm

The inspiration for the Allerød Slant came about from aiming to create a chair suitable for small coffee shops or conferences, where stacking of the chairs is not of up most importance but handy on occasion. The Ø debate in Allerød that I became aware of on my ‘Journey Around the Globe in 80 chairs’ added to inspiring the back slant of the legs, this in turn led to exploring the idea of stacking the chair in an internal stack. PP Møblers closeness to their home town of Allerød, probably lead to their warming to the slanting dynamic form of the chair in the early idea and selection stage.

In relation to the GlobalMadeLocal principal of limiting automation, it was very interesting to create a chair that has a formed back without needing a forming tool. Each chair in its self is, in a sense, at forming tool. Should you ever have the pleasure to visit PP Møbler in Allerød you will marvel at their store of tooling forms for forming compressed wood.

Exhibited at:

SE Fifty Fifty exhibition at Rundtaarn Copenhagen Denmark in 2008.