About Jeremy Walton’s journey around the globe in 80 chairs. To develop 80 chairs across the globe following the Global-Made-Local ideology.

Around the globe in 80 chairs by Jeremy Walton.

Start of a long slow journey. Why do projects need to be completed instantly?

I’m looking to develop 80 chairs across the globe following the GlobalMadeLocal ideology, which is to design the item locally in a way that it can be made globally by cabinetmakers. Designed for single piece production with minimal need for making forms. Chair is just a term for furniture, they might not always be chairs.

The ideology is to focus on the sharing of knowledge and adapting the knowledge to different localities. To observe the result of localization being adapted globally. Transportation of knowledge between cities rather than physical products.

80 pieces working flat out, could take about 8 years to complete, allowing for public holidays. But the chance of working flat out is not an option I have, so I will be lucky if I ever complete the journey, but who is in a rush to finish.