Open Heart Surgery

A Design Service by Adam Broomberg and Jeremy Walton 1995. Giving unsatisfied customers real service. 

The basics of the service, is to allow people to come to the shop and hand over their old, tiring household products.

These products would then be worked on and used to create new products. The customer has the choice of discussing their needs or taking pot luck in what the product will return as. Or they can part exchange with another product off the shelf.

Proposal to be conducted from Designers Guild store. This project was conducted at Central Saint Martins in the final year of a BA product design degree in 1995. Hacker and fix – it culture were not existent on the design curriculm. This project in its time was commended by the school as original and an alternative to the prevalent industry norm. It took its inspiration from the writings and work of Viktor Papanek.