Candlestick Maker – Repeatable creations from the Fake Dane Collection using urban driftwood.

Design by Jeremy Walton, 2004. Reworked urban driftwood.

Inspiration is taken from found objects. Not only the objects but also the process used to make the components of the furnishings around our homes. These observations are reworked to create something new that can be repeatedly reproduced.

A development coming out of the The Fake Dane process.

Three pin standing lamp 2004

Metal folding lamp stand that utilises turned furniture components for its legs.

Candlestick shade 2004

Uses the simple process of making lampshade frames. The wire works factory still has the original tooling forms for making elaborate lampshades. The frame is adapted to be able to hold a candle and is coated in black glass enamel.

Frame-D 2005

Inspiration came from Framers, (people that make picture frames) they are still found locally in high streets. The Frame-D is a three dimensional frame, framing the space which a shelf creates. It can be hung on the wall either landscape or portrait depending on the size of the object that you wish to display.
The 1st edition was made using salvaged picture frames and are constructed using traditional framing techniques, as was the 2nd edition but with newwoods. The current 3rd edition utilises the growing number of automated routing machines that can be found in an increasing number of localised wood workshops. It is machine made using mdf with a vernier laminate. The 4th edition in development, is looking at foam moulding techniques used to create interior mouldings.

Exhibited at:

Copenhagen Culture Night 2005 D-Zoo.
Lauritz Passion day auction 2006.
MM gallery Copenhagen 2004.