SE 2011 Exhibition at Designmuseum Danmark – Exhibition theme is ‘Giving a Gift’

SE is coming of age – 30 rich and eventful summers have gone by, and that calls for celebration!

For this years SE Autumn Exhibition 2011 the theme is giving a gift,Gifting, as it is SE’s 30 year anniversary. From this theme I have worked on the community action of giving a goat instead of a gift. I have asked myself what could be the furniture equivalent of donating a goat to a third party. I have worked with Københavns MøbelSnedkeri and the result is ‘A Goat of a Gift’, consisting of Goat as well as a Kid offspring. This Goat and Kid can be seen at Designmuseum Danmark, 68 Bredgade in Copenhagen.

Dates / 13-30 October 2011. Hours / Tuesday through Sunday 11 – 17 / Mondays closed


Shaving Goat, based on the traditional Folk Art Shaving Horse tool. (Cut by CNC, hand finished by whittling knife)

Kid goat offspring, home spun from the Shaving Goat.

Process starts with a walk in the woods. Slowly collecting sticks. If I’m thinking this could be done as a weekend break, it will require a couple of weekends.

Making process, some whittling and knotting.

Early testing of the weaving process. If a seven year old can, we all can.

Small scale testing of the theory.


The party is held in a tent, so please bring a warm sweater.

The SE members have been asked to bring a gift of a piece of furniture. It’ll be fun to see what they have come up with. I know that there is going to be a goat, a flying carpet and other exciting things, so do come and join us in celebrating the new furniture, the love of the craft, the cooperation, the association and the community.

Happy birthday greetings

SE – the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition

The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition is under the protection of HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark