TRASH Exhibition and an evening of TrampArt MAKING for Copenhagen Culture Night at The Museum of Copenhagen

INVITATION TO THE OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION – TRASH! and an evening of TrampArt MAKING on Copenhagen Culture Night 2011.


My Dialogue stools will be finding a home amongst the trash at The Museum of Copenhagen’s exhibitionabout trash in the city. On the night of the opening, coinciding with Copenhagen Culture Night, I shall be running a Neo Tramp Art making workshop. Here my milk carton wall displays will be on show and people passing through the museum will be able to cut up milk cartons and contribute to a new wall display. Plus make their own mini wall displays using left over brochures that have been collecting dust in the museum store rooms.

If you can’t make the workshop, you can still download and make the wall displays or table tidies using the JW001 craft ebook via – It is FREE

photo of milk cartons drying by a sink illustrates the up-cycling process

Washing of milk cartons collected from the coffee shops around Enghave Plads in Copenhagen; Kaffeplantagen, kaffeslabberasen and The One With No Name. Along with some much appreciated help from the Business Creatives from KEA D&B.

photo of up-cycled milk cartons creating sculptural storage pots

Up-cycling of milk cartons to make a bigger than your desk desk-tidy

photo of up-cycled milk cartons still in design development

Cutting of Water Drop from 2007. I forgot how long it took.

Information from The Museum of Copenhagen.

Mayors Pia Allerslev, Culture and Leisure Administration and Ayfer Baykal, Technical and Environmental Administration, will open the exhibition. Musician Martin Ullits Dahl will perform a work composed especially for the occasion: An interaction of real sounds recorded at rubbish dumps and incineration plants. As a part of the performance children of all ages are invited to create music on home made instruments made from trash. There will be served “studenterbrød”, rubbish dump sweets, snacks, organic juice and beer.

Trash is integral to city life. We live daily with and alongside rubbish. We reuse and recycle, we throw away and scrap. TRASH! is an exhibition for children and adults on how Copenhagen throughout  the ages has treated it’s rubbish and waste. Take a dive with a dumpster into the depths of a supermarket rubbish bin, hear city teenagers speak of their own consumption, tell us your own throw away stories and meet the dust man on his early morning route through Copenhagen.

Enter a universe of city rubbish, dump stories and trashed building materials.