Commissioned Diamond Shade – The Theme is a traditional moody landscape painting. Handmade by Jeremy Walton, using the craft ebook JW006 Diamond Shade.

Dimension 80cm x 60cm x 60cm. Various selected paper, salvaged books and some Folk Art magic.

‘Billedskolen i Tvillingehallen’ commissioned the making of a Diamond Shade for their meeting room.  I based the lamp on traditional landscape painting,  (rectangle landscape, green at the bottom, moody sky at the top). Besides coloured paper I used old books about planes, so parts of planes now fly through the sky. In referance to the history of Tvillingehallen, the building was once a slaughterhouse, I found an appropriate book and used it to make the sky a little overcast and to dot the landscape with cattle.

The Art School is for children and young adults who come into the school on different days of the week. I set up the Silent Circus in the entrance and slowly made the lamp, spread over a week, so all  the students got to see the lamp in progress. I then had to take it home to finish it, these things are not quick to make, plus the children kept interrupting me.

Besides me making a lamp for the school, I also introduced the JW006 craft ebook to the Wednesday 5 o’clock class, who all made their-own Diamond Shade lamps over the following couple of Wednesdays.

The lamp shade is designed as Folk Art process. The process and templates are available to download at DesignYouMake craft ebook JW006

Commissioned Diamond Shade – Handmade by Jeremy Walton 2010.