JW006 Craft eBook – Diamond Light Shade – is now available to download at DesignYouMake

Craft eBook Designed by Jeremy Walton, 2009.

Presenting the ‘download and make’ JW oo6 Diamond Shade. The E-craftbook presents the inspiration, technique, simple making step by step guide and the all important templates and A4 print for making the JW oo6 Diamond lampshade.

JWoo6. Diamond Shade. A lampshade of repetitive diamonds.

The craft ebook, JWoo6 Diamond Shade, presents the directions about how to build the basic inner structure of the Diamond shade, plus tips and ideas on how to continue building the shade in a random or symmetrical way.

Also includes the all important templates and printable sheets that can be used to make the single diamonds from A4 coloured papers or waste paper and packaging.

Templates are available for experienced Folk Artists and Neo Tramp Artists at www.DesignYouMake.com

Iceberg lampshade

Reuse of milk cartons and other waste is possible

close up of salvaged paper shows theme related details

Printable template for re-use of large sheets of paper

A production part made using recycled packaging

Making of the lamp is a repeatable production process

Photo of a Tramp Art box made by Rob Gorrell


Text Extractsfrom DesignYouMake book.

‘Design is knowledge, Craftsmanship is a state of mind.’

‘JW oo6 Diamond Shade’ can be made from used milk cartons, cereal boxes, magazine covers or any found waste paper that is more than 160 grammes thick. It is not an intention of mine to find ways to recycle materials, as waste materials should be recycled in larger quantities and used again in industry.

But when you see these materials used, an appreciation of their beauty and value as a usable material is gained. This all helps people to appreciate a little more of what they normally discard as waste.

I want to include people in the process, to inspire people to make things themselves and subsequently appreciate such home-made craftsmanship.

Through making things themselves people will better appreciate, materials and craftsmanship of other objects.

Random or symmetrical?

You should decide this before starting. You can either sculpt your shade randomly, adding diamonds however you like, here and there. Or you can build the shade in a symmetrical fashion, where you repeat the same pattern. It is up to you what that pattern is.

The diamonds can be added in all sorts of ways, sometimes it might involve turning the diamond around and over several times to find out where it fits, but it will fit.

White, coloured or recycled?

You can shape the shade as you like and you can also use different colour paper. The yellow, orange and red shade used within the E-craftbook is the start of ‘Cannon Smoke’, an installation I made based on human cannonball acts. Various grey coloured paper will eventually be added for the smoke. (It was made  in a circus tent)

Use plain white paper or waste papers, such as old cereal boxes, milk cartons or magazine covers. It is also possible to use a small amount of thinner paper, but you need to make sure you are adding enough stiffness and strength to your structure. The outer edges can be thinner.


It was after making a lampshade named ‘Neo Tramp Art’ at SoupaNatural, a soup bar in Copenhagen, that Nicolia and Kristian invited me to join their Circus tent, to make an installation during the Roskilde music festival.

Having always dreamed of joining the circus and feeling it about time to take my hobby explorations into a new realm, I joined the circus a ‘Silent Circus’ celebrating making.

The single diamond element came about from working with the square form of the milk carton and folding postcards into squares.

Traditional Tramp Art is created by cutting notches along the edge of wood and layering the thin layers of wood. The notches create small repetitive diamonds along the edge of the wood.

I find the love and dedication put into the traditional Tramp Art pieces charming and endearing. It was through experimenting with cutting square tubes that I worked out the ‘Diamond Cut’. Unlike the ‘JW oo5 Neo Tramp Art lamp shade’, the Diamond shade allows the maker more creative freedom with colour and form, similar to that of traditional Tramp Art. It also requires dedication and love.


Neo Tramp Art, cut and paste.

I would say the diamond is based on the ideology behind Traditional Tramp Art and made using available materials and tools that are freely available today.

I have worked out a single unit that can be used as a three dimensional repeat pattern. It is basically the good old, cut and paste method.

The lampshades are made by a repetitive diamond that is cut and joined together, similar to the tramp art notch and layer technique.

It also requires the Tramp Art techniques of repetition, dedication and love. Making the shade is a celebration, so the fact they take ages to make is a bonus, why rush a good thing.

Best wishes and kind hellos – Jeremy

Paper craft / Paper crafters are also welcome to use the templates available at www.DesignYouMake.com

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