JW005 Craft eBook – Neo Tramp Art Light Shade – is now available to download at DesignYouMake

Designed by Jeremy Walton 2009.

Presenting the ‘download and make’ JW oo5 Neo Tramp Art light shade. It is about love and commitment, it is a simple and repetitive process that takes ages to make.

The craft ebook presents the inspiration, technique, simple making step by step guide and hanging directions.

The process is simple to master and can be quickly demonstrated to a friend. So the making of this lamp can be done with the help of some friends, who may have thought they were just popping around for coffee.

The craft e-book, JW oo5 NeoTramp Art lampshade, presents the directions about how to make a ‘Trunk Folding Press Tool’ for use to manufacture tubes from postcards. It also includes directions for hanging the lamp using fishing wire, plus some unsubstantiated misconceptions about original Tramp Art by Jeremy Walton. Adding to the gossip and hearsay, where misconceptions become truths.

You are looking at about 20 hours making time, so relax and enjoy.

Download the craft ebook at DesignYouMake.com and invite some friends around for coffee.


Text extracts from the Craft eBook. DesignYouMake.com

‘Design is knowledge, Craftsmanship is a state of mind.’

It is not an intention of mine to find ways to recycle materials, as waste materials should be recycled in larger quantities and used again in industry. But when you see these materials used, an appreciation of their beauty and value as a usable material is gained. This helps people to appreciate a little more of what they normally discard as waste.

I want to include people in the process, to inspire people to make things themselves and subsequently appreciate such home-made craftsmanship. Through making things themselves, people will better appreciate, materials and the craftsmanship of other objects. That’s my theory.


The Copenhagen office workers lamp  The original KKA (København Kontor Arbejdere) lamp started out in 2007 and was inspired by experience with the square structure of the milk carton ‘Water Drop’ wall Display. This, coupled with the big issue of the time, office workers suffering with stress, lead to the idea of developing a lampshade that could relieve stress and allow for smuggling office supplies out of the office, under the guise of being a healthy office worker. Due to the lamp taking ages to make, development of the lamp was slow and eventually narrowed down to the current use of postcards, thus losing the office stockroom connection and taking on a coffee house direction, as this is where the free postcards are found. Along with the aforementioned office workers.  Inspiration is a starting point and that is generally how it came about, but did not end up, for the time being.

Traditional Tramp Art

The technique is based on the ideology behind Traditional Tramp Art, the use of readily available materials and tools that are freely available today. It also requires the Tramp Art techniques of repetition, dedication and love. Making the shade is a celebration, so the fact they take ages to make is a bonus, why rush a good thing.

The Trunk Folding Press.

A simple tool that clamps sheet metal firmly in position and then, with the help of pivotal leverage, creates a controlled straight fold.

This trunk tooling press principal will be used on a mini scale. In part 2 we shall make our own ‘Mini Trunk Folding Press’, made of card. We then use this tool to fold more cards, these are in fact almost identical to the ‘Mini Trunk Folding Press’.

Seen from an industrial view point, we shall first make one ‘Mini Trunk Folding Press’ that will help make many ‘Mini Trunk Folding Press’ tools. The whole lamp is made of ‘Mini Trunk Folding Press’ tools, made to the rhythm of industry.