Iceberg – Made with selected papers and salvaged posters.

Handmade Diamond shade by Jeremy Walton, made 2009. Using the craft ebook JW006 Diamond Light Shade

Dimension 55 cm x 55 cm x 70 cm. Made with Various selected paper and milk cartons.

Lampshade made as part of the Made personally exhibition at Mooment shop. My subject theme for this shade is an Iceberg. I done some in-depth study of icebergs (looking at a couple of photos on google images) The diamond shade lends itself to the form of the iceberg and I collected papers that are white, pure white and super white for the ice above the water line. For the ice below the water line and deeper inside the iceberg, I collected blue paper, milk cartons and the monthly Map magazine/poster by architect David Garcia. All locally accessible material resources.

Thank you to David Garcia for the Map map, that I used as a material resource. Firstly it is the right sort of blue I need. Secondly, it is appropriately about Antarctica. So looking closely within the lamp shade, one can find small drawings of penguins, people dressed for arctic conditions, snow flakes and even photos of icebergs.

I’ve also used homemade glue using flour, water, sugar and a dash of vinegar. Bonds the paper just fine.

Original Tramp Art the person making has freedom to express

The diamond shade principal, followed on from the original Neo Tramp Art lamp shade, but i would say the diamond lamp shade is coming closer to being Tramp Art due to its similarity with the notch and layer technique. What is starting to pleases me with this diamond shade, is that similar to original tramp art the person making has freedom to express their own form and colour using the cut and layer technique. They are not restricted by a specific form decided by me. They have a process to work with and what they do with it is up to them.

Become a practicing Neo Tramp Artist, do-it-yourself by downloading the craft ebook at The world needs more Tramp Art.


Exhibited at:

Copenhagen Culture Night 2009.

Made Personally by Jeremy Walton. Moomentshop.

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