JW001 Craft eBook – Wall Display – is now available to download at DesignYouMake

Design by Jeremy Walton, 2007.

Presenting the JW001 wall display made based on the re-use of milk cartons.

A wall display for small treasure. A modern day version of the old recycled Type Case drawers that people hang on their walls and keep small memories in. The craft ebook presents the inspiration, technique, simple making step by step guide and the all important templates for making the JW001 wall display using Tetra Rex’ milk cartons.

It is based on a symmetrical 9 milk carton unit and can be rotated to join up with its diagonally opposite side. Allowing for the making of a large relief pattern that can be as large as you like.

It is a selected part from the original Water Drop Wall display.

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‘Design is knowledge, craftsmanship is a state of mind.’

For me this object really helps to prove a point, the cutting does not have to be spot on, the milk cartons join together at the front and most discrepancies in cutting accuracy are pushed to the back, leaving the front edges to line up reasonably well.

It does take a bit of openness to appreciate homemade craftsmanship and you may have to step above what you are used to seeing in glossy magazines. This object actually makes all that quite easy to do. There will be some gaps and human differences, but these give each its own unique sense of life. Everyone who has been around my place and seen them are dumbfounded at how beautiful milk cartons actually are. They once thought that all of them big bin fillers where common everyday rubbish. When in fact, when clean, they are high-density card with a cleanable surface coating.

Extract from the craft ebook by Jeremy Walton

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