Accountable, third and fourth quarter – Made with unused yearly account books

Handmade wall display by Jeremy Walton, made 2009. Using the DesignYouMake JW002 Craft eBook.

Each quarter measurers 50 cm x 50 cm x 7 cm. made up of 100 hundread units.

This is a wall display made up of a single unit that can be rotated to create a repeat pattern. Here I have printed the A5 cutout direct onto paper from an old year account book, a Danish year account book, which is yellow and green, which didn’t get used.

Have you got any unused account books laying around? Up-cylce them with the templates available at


Exhibited at:

Copenhagen Culture Night 2009.

Made Personally by Jeremy Walton. Moomentshop.

Templates are available at if you’ve got the luxury of time, we share the knowledge.