Paustian ‘derfor’

Derfor exhibition at Paustian in Copenhagen.
Exhibition by Danish Crafts and curator Louise Campbell. 2003

Exhibition includes the Hyggelys candles, Culture Shrink lampshades and The bench is yours III.

The bench is yours II

The bench is yours II
Starting with an archetypal chair form, waste and found wood is added on to the bench following the archetype of a basic chair, needing legs, seat and back. Any one can add to the bench with the waste wood. It is a democratic project that cannot be designed in advance. We create the base, there after it is up to the people that use the park to continue where the last person stopped.

Bench is yours – Video

The Bench is yours II filmed at Fabbrikken by CYF, 2002. A Culture Corporation project by Claus Bjerre, Ditte Hammerstrøm and Jeremy Walton. A starting block is laid and people use waste wood to add to the bench where the last person left off.