Danish Antibodies Exhibition at Trapholt design Museum

Reworked Dialogue stool from 2009 is exhibited at the Danish Muesum Trapholt as part of the Campana Brothers Antibodies exhibition. exhibition ends August 2014. A small selection of chairs by designers resident Denmark is on show besides the Campana Antibodies exhibition. Included is one of the dialogue stools, which is made based on a process of …


SE 2010 WHITEOUT Exhibition at Ordrupgaard Copenhagen – Exhibition theme is ‘Anything Goes’ as long as it’s a white chair

The Cabinetmaker’s Autumn Exhibition 2010. Opens in Copenhagen. Ordrupgaard 29. oktober 2010 – 23. januar 2011 White is the new black in the Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition 2010, where the theme “Whiteout” refers both to the colour white and to the weather phenomenon, where snow, fog or haze reduces visibility. But the Cabinetmakers´ Autumn Exhibition promises …


SE 2008 Exhibition at Rundetaarn Copenhagen. Exhibition Theme is Fifty-Fifty, part designer part producer

The Cabinetmaker’s Autumn Exhibition 2008. Opening on 21 November 2008 at 17:00. All welcome. Exhibition runs from the 22nd November 2008 to the 4th January 2009 at Rundetaarn, Copenhagen. I shall be exhibiting the GlobalMadelocal project, a result of the Fifty Fifty partnership between PP Møbler, København MøbelSnedkeri and Jeremy Walton for the forthcoming SE exhibition Fifty Fifty.