Silent Circus – A celebration of Making. A quiet approach by Jeremy Walton in the Climate Community field of the 2009 Roskilde Festival

Silent Circus a quiet approach by Jeremy Walton 2009. Roskilde Festival 09 I shall be making lamps in the SoupaNatural tent in the Climate Community of Roskilde Festival 09. All handmade with a knife, metal rule and hours of love. Using waste paper from a local printing firm, waste packaging and selected craft papers. Can production be clean, quiet …


Neo Tramp Art – Misconceptions become truths. A Tramp Jungle event following the soul and ideology of the 19th Century Tramp Art phenomenon.

An open event at SoupaNatural by Jeremy Walton, I shall be making Neo Tramp Art, a lampshade following the soul and ideology of the 19th Century Tramp Art phenomenon. Using commonly found and readily available tools and materials, combined with self invented techniques, I shall be making design creations that rejoice commitment more than perfection. The …


A Making & A Do – A definition in progress. ‘A Do’ gets done with the help of some friends and warm hospitality. By invitation and customary rotation.

A definition in progress by Jeremy Walton. 2009 A definition of ‘A Do’. To invite some friends around and lay on some sort of appropriate hospitality, such as brunch, lunch or dinner, suitable to the time of day and worthy of the task in hand. Besides everyone lending a helping hand with food preparation, everyone …


Islands Brygge, the Manhatten of Copenhagen – I’ve been invited by København MøbelSnedkeri to add a chair to my journey around the globe.

Around the globe in 80 chairs, by Jeremy Walton. Islands Brygge has often been referred to as the Manhattan of Copenhagen. It is the home of Københavns MøbelSnedkeri, situated in a road that is probably the last outpost of inner city industry in the area. The lease is short, but while it lasts, the small …


About Jeremy Walton’s journey around the globe in 80 chairs. To develop 80 chairs across the globe following the Global-Made-Local ideology.

Around the globe in 80 chairs by Jeremy Walton. Start of a long slow journey. Why do projects need to be completed instantly? I’m looking to develop 80 chairs across the globe following the GlobalMadeLocal ideology, which is to design the item locally in a way that it can be made globally by cabinetmakers. Designed for …


About Global Made Local – a proposal presented at the SE 2008 Exhibition, for a global furniture collection shared and made by local independent cabinetmakers

A concept in progress by Jeremy Walton 2008. GlobalMade Local is a proposal presented at the SE 2008 Exhibition in Copenhagen. The ideology while generally considered as too ideological in 2008 is still in progress, slowly, Maybe one day, i’ll pick it up again. If you like the idea of it, or would like to …


Open Heart Surgery

Openheartsurgery. Giving unsatisfied customers real service.
A Design service by Adam Broomberg and Jeremy Walton, 1995.

The service. The basics of the service, is to allow people to come to the shop and hand over their old , tiring house hold products.

These products would then be worked on and used to create new products. The customer has the choice of discussing their needs or taking pot luck in what the product will return as. Or they can part exchange with another product off the shelf.


Background Bibliography Education: I am graduated from Central Saint Martins college of art and design in 1996. Having studied product design. During my degree I also learnt Sociology at night school out of interest. I also spent a lot of my spare time drawing two old donkeys over the back of the field. The donkeys belonged to gypsies and …