1 meter square dance floor with red stilettos beside it

Alternative armchair

Background Bibliography

Education: I am graduated from Central Saint Martins college of art and design in 1996. Having studied product design.

During my degree I also learnt Sociology at night school out of interest.

photo of two park picnic benches that have one leg extending to make a flag pole

Bench with flag pole

I also spent a lot of my spare time drawing two old donkeys over the back of the field.

The donkeys belonged to gypsies and instead of focusing on the main issue at large, I observed instead the less confrontational subject of the donkeys and have continued in this same practical more than intellectual vain ever since. However I didn’t fail to observe that the old donkeys looked a lot happier and more regularly used than the pet horses fenced in in the private field.

Previous to my degree, I attended Reigate School of Art completing an art foundation.  Completed A level college at Esher College after having gained a National diploma in mechanical engineering at Kingston Technical College, along with a year spent working as a trainee car mechanic.


2009. Teaching & Design Research

photo documentation of design research showing prison inmates bending copper and steel bars by hand

Aligned Production

In 2009 I started teaching at Kea – Copenhagen’s school for design and technology. Helping in the start up the new PBA Design & Business faculty. Teaching on and the establishment of the specialization’s: Ideation, Fashion and Living.

Besides my teaching my focus has moved on to design research with my main focus encompassing the ‘Meaning of Making’.



up-cycled milk cartons create a sculptural wall relief


In 2006 I decided to pull myself away from developing and producing my own ideas. This was helped by engaging myself in a danish language course and beginning DesignYouMake, as a way to continue my creativity.

While I integrate myself into danish society, the spare time I do have, I can use focused on my creative process rather than production, sales, packaging….Find out more about my ideology and progress at DesignYouMake.

1998 – 2006. designer maker.

photo of a matchbox in a laser cut stainless steel case.

Strike matchbox sleeve

Drawing on my early experiences from business studies at college, I should have, in the very least, have learnt not to go into business. But living in a foreign country and not at the time being fluent in danish, I was gifted the opportunity of not having any better alternative, so I started producing my own products.

The range of accessories and lighting  grew to an extent, and then stopped growing to an extent, as the logistics of production took over.

It has been a very valuable experience for me. Being a one man band meant I quickly learnt to pull and push a number of things at once. It also meant I learnt to consider the whole process, gaining a small understanding of marketing, sales, logistics and even accounts. I now draw on that experience and remain conscious of it, while working on the design of an object. This consciousness partly inspired DesignYouMake.

Photo of a pillar candle with a matchbox cast near the bottom

Candle with matchbox

Through producing my own products I have achieved recognition by selling my work through MOMA  retail stores in New York. Internationally in museum shops and design stores from Estonia to Japan. As well as on NBC American national television and DR2 and TV2 in Denmark.

Photo two reading lamps. One propped up with a reading book. One tilting due to lack of book.

Reading lamp


I have exhibited at trade-shows, such as 100% London, Milan, Stockholm and Copenhagen furniture fair. A number of my products have been represented by Danish Crafts at Ambient Fair and the New York ICFF. In 2002 my products were chosen to represent Denmark at the Design Biennale in Saint-Etienne France.

2004 & 2007. Teaching and seminars.

about-017.jpgI have had the opportunity to teach and organise workshops at Krabesholm Højskole. In 2006 I began a workshop based around the DesignYouMake concept, introducing the students to the ideas and possibilities of design as knowledge not an object. Other workshops have focused on originality and inspiration.

I have also had the pleasure to give talks about my work at Trapholts design symposium 2004 and at the Röhsska Museum in association with Craft in dialogue in 2005.

2000 – 2006. Cofounder Culture Corporation.

flicker-cc4.jpg flicker-cc6.jpg flicker-cc5.jpg

Working together with Ditte Hammerstrøm and Claus Bjerre as Culture Corporation, our projects and experiments in social and unpredictable design have been shown in various art and design museums including The danish Design Centre, Trapholt art museum, Nordjyllands art museum, The Art Hall Brænderigården and at Röhsska Museum of Decorative Arts & Design, Göteborg Sweden.

flicker-cc3.jpg flicker-cc2.jpg flicker-cc1.jpg

Working together as a team has given us the chance to work on larger experiments.
Brainstorming and developing ideas as a team is refreshing and enables one to be more distanced personally and allow the project or object to take center stage. In much of our work the project or object predicted its own form while we distanced ourselves more and more from dictating the form. Allowing one thing to lead to another, we took pleasure in observing the results and challenging our own ways of looking. Back to the donkeys again.

1998 – 2006. Client work product designer.

about-013.jpgI have worked together with small design firms like Urbanite Copenhagen, being involved in the whole development of a product from idea to packaging, communicating with factories, engineers and overseeing quality. In contrast I have also worked together with larger international firms such as Levi Strauss & co. Working in relation to their own brand identity and seasonal concepts. I am involved in various creative services such as brainstorming, development, problem solving, technical drawing, illustrations and even translating Danish text to English.

about-012.jpg about-008.jpg about-009.jpg

about-007.jpg about-002.jpg about-005.jpg

2003. Exhibition architects, SE-Remix.

about-016.jpgIn 2003 Ditte Hammerstrøm and I were invited to be exhibition architects for the SE Remix exhibition at Kunstindustrimuseet, involving designing the concept for the exhibition and catalogue. Coordinating with the designers and manufacturers to complete the exhibition on time and to budget.

1996 – 1998. Asia

After graduating in 1996 I embarked on a working tour, taking me to Singapore then Hong Kong, before a non working tour through China, Mongolia, Siberia, Russia.

about-019.jpgHong Kong, Artistry Design and Construction.

Design of products for Artistry’s own production and design on interior projects. Mainly in stainless steel.

about-021.jpgSingapore,Sony International and Batey Advertising. Freelance designer.Working on point of sale display systems.